Is the Chimney Cake a Donut?

Many of our new customers ask this question when first seeing our Chimney Cakes. And the simple answer is: Definitely not!

There are thousands of beautiful baked desserts in Europe, some of them has many hundred years traditions, and the Chimney Cake is one of the oldest with it's 300 years tradition.
While we do not have any problem with a real donut which is made freshly from real ingredients from scratch, we have to tell you, that nowadays you can hardly find a homemade donut, rather than a factory made artificial junk food full with half/full artificial ingredients which are not comparable with any artisan baked desserts.

Please find below a comparison for your reference, to see what you can find on the supermarkets shelves as a donut, and what is a freshly baked Chimney Cake what you can buy from Bodri's.

The donut details were copied from a well known brand's packaging without hiding or modifying any details, but you can do your own research before you buy a product. And we suggest to do this if your health is important to you.


info for comparison Bodri's
Chimney Cake
a branded donut
from a supermarket
Cooking method: baked in oven fried in oil
ingredients: baker's flour, yeast, sugar, full cream milk, butter, egg yolk, salt, water, sunflower oil, lemon zest, (walnut, cinnamon, cocoa powder, shredded coconut (freeze dried fruits: raspberry/sour cherry/banana) Donut premix (wheat flour, vegetable oil, antioxidant(307), gluten, emulsifiers(471,461,472e,322), sugar, soy flour, salt, dextrose, raising agents(450,500), Thickener(412), Thiamine, folate, shortening(animal fat, antioxidant(320), stabilizer, thickeners(401,406,410,1422), soy bean oil, salt, gelatine, colour(102,110,123,124,133), yeast, preservative(202)
may contain: - traces of: peanuts, tree nuts, egg, fish!, crustacea, sesame seeds.
use by date: 24 hours more than a week
Energy per 100g 1560 kJ 2080 kJ

We suggest to make your own conclusion based on the above information or on your own research and decide if you really want to eat that many junk ingredients what you can find in a well known "donut", or its time to make your own donut from scratch without all those chemicals or grab a freshly baked Chimney Cake.

As you can see from the above table there are no similarities at all between the two desserts, so we can safely say, that Chimney Cake is definitely not a donut!

More detailed information about the Kurtosh Kalach (a.k.a. Chimney Cake) can be found here ...

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