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Opening our Café at Central Market Arcade - Shop 28 Featured

BODRI'S opening our brick & mortar café at Central Market Arcade - Shop 28



We are very excited to announce, that after more than 3 years success in food truck business we decided to give a try to the brick&mortar business model. Thanks to the Renew Adelaide Project, we've got a chance to trial our concept giving you the finest quality natural baked delicacies, coffees and many more famous Hungarian foods! No need to wait for days or weeks until you can grab a Chimney Cake, our Chimney Cake Corner will be open at our café where you can watch, smell & enjoy the freshly baked Chimney Cakes!

Opening Hours:

Monday: CLOSED

Tue-Wed-Thu: 7:30am - 3:00pm

Fri: 7:30am - 9:00pm

Sat: 7:30am - 3:00pm


We will continue to operate our Mobile Taste Of Hungary or special events, mainly on Sundays and Public Holidays!

Looking forwatd to see you all at our new Café!



Bodri's Coffee/breakfast provider for the RAA Office Building Featured

BODRI'S serving the breakfast/morning coffee for RAA Office Building



Happy to announce, that RAA hired Bodri's to became their official coffee/breakfast provider in the upcoming 10 weeks while their canteen is under construction.

Being the distributor of Italy's finest premium coffee the Lucaffé, and baking our all natural traditional European products onsite, we quickly became a favourite in that area.

We park our caravan at 101 Richmond Road, Mile End - GATE C (South Rd/Richmond Rd corner) on every working days between 7:30-11:00am, so if you are around, just pop-in and grab your quality food or refreshments!



The unique Hungarian Christmas Cake: BEIGLI! Preorder NOW! Featured

Do you know the unique Hungarian Christmas Cake called: BEIGLI?

There's no real Christmas for you without a BEIGLI?

This year you can Pre-Order your Beiglis from Bodri's!
Come and visit us on any of our upcoming events, or call us (M: 0478 912 138) to pre-order your cakes. Our capacity is not unlimited, so hurry up to book your cakes.

Available with two traditional fillings: Walnut or Poppyseeds. Price is $20/cake.

As all other Bodri's products, these cakes are also fully natural and baked to the perfection using the old traditional recipes!

You can pick-up your cakes on 23rd December!


THE ARTISAN BAKED Hungarian BEIGLI's are fully natural, and DOES NOT contain any food additives or chemicals.

In their original cling-wrap package they stay fresh for minimum one week.
Beigli is an approx. 30 cm long pastry roll, filled with Poppyseed or Walnut fillings. It weights approx. 550g.

Ingredients: flour, butter, lard, egg-yolk, yeast, sugar, salt, cream  Fillings: poppyseeds, walnut & sultanas



Chimney Cake is one of the winners on the World's Finest Desserts competition! Featured

We all knew it from our experience, but now its officially published, that the famous Hungarian Kurtosh Kalach (alias Chimney Cake) is one of the World's finest Dessert!

With its uniqueness, and more than 300 years tradition, this cake is a divine! We at Bodri's using our own refined recipe which is based on the traditional one and only high quality natural ingredients, so you can be sure that no food additives, chemicals or any other factory made substances will ever get into our products. We rather support you, and your health than those chemical factories.

And to make sure, that you get the best of the best Kurtosh Cakes, Bodri's received the Seal of Excellence award from the International Kurtosh Kalach Trade Corportation, which is only given to those bakers around the world, who strictly follow their quality guidelines both in product & service quality!



Link to the news:



Bodri's Artisan Biscuit Selection - in store now!




We are happy to announce, that from this week, our fully natural traditional Artisan Biscuit Selection is available in store now!
You don't need to wait anymore to find us in the streets or events of Adelaide, you can always fill up your stocks from our 100% natural
Hungarian Biscuits.

Please visit the first European Deli shop where you can find the Bodri's products:

Ascot Meat & Smallgoods
615 Marion Road, South Plympton, SA5038

We plan to add more stores and cafés in the near future, so stay tuned!


Lucaffé's Mr. EXCLUSIVE is here!



Lucaffé's very special "Mr. Exclusive" coffee blend has arrived and available from Bodri's from today! (as of 01 September, 2014.)
If you are a Coffee Connoisseur or simply just admire top quality coffee this is a must for you to try Lucaffé's special blend which was created especially for espresso (short black) lovers.
This is a great addition to our already well known and celebrated Lucaffé Classic blend!

Give it a try, and let us know your opinion!

And for those who are interested in the details as well:
"Arabica mixture with an intoxicating aroma
Mixture of Arabica coffee from South America, Asia and a tiny percentage from central Africa. Probably no Arabica on its own can give the same results.

Medium body, sweet flavour, very pleasing aroma which sometimes can recall newly-baked bread. When it has just been ground the scent is intoxicating."

100% Arabica from South America, Asia and central Africa


Certificate of Excellence - Award from International Kurtosh Kalach Trade Corporation Featured

We proudly announce, that today Bodri's Bakery & Cafe received the "Certificate of Excellence" award from the International Kurtosh Kalach Trade Corporation.

This award was only given to those Kurtosh Kalach masters around the world, who accepts and utilize the strict quality and vending requirements of the Corporation.

Since only the best can receive this certificate, if you find this Award or the "Seal of Excellence" logo on a Kurtosh Kalach product anywhere on the world, you can be sure that you got the best quality fully natural traditional cake, where the highest care was taken in every aspect of the baking and vending.

We only use the best quality natural ingredients for making the Kurtosh Cakes, and we always bake it freshly in an artisan way, no factory premixes, no semi or full artificial ingredients are in the dough to make it last longer.

As a proof of quality we also pack your cakes in a food safe and appealing packaging with a product label on which you can find all the important information about the ingredients, baking time and "best before" suggestions.

Never compromise in quality and only support those businesses who doing the right thing, investing lot of work & knowledge to bring you a perfect product!


Social Media Bloggers mention BODRI'S as the best mobile café in Adelaide

There's no better thing, than receiving tons of compliments as a result of your hard work!

We are very proud of getting the "Best Café" and "Best Mobile Food Vendor" titles from our valued customers and now from social media food bloggers too, just one year after we started our own business!

You can be sure that we won't disappoint you in the future and will continue to offer you the finest Hungarian/European traditional treats for you with our very high quality standards!

Thank you all, who loves and supports us in our mission!

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