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Bodri's 1st Birthday! Featured

Exactly one year ago, on 10th of Nov. 2012 Bodri's Bakery & Cafe started its operation in Adelaide on the famous Adelaide Christmas Pageant Day.  We invested plenty of work into planning, designing and setting up our new venture and building our first mobile food caravan called the "Chimney Cake Station".

We wanted to bring something very special to Australia - bringing back Quality Traditional Food into our food culture. There's way too much artificial valueless junk food on the market, and the trend shows a frightening future - especially for the younger generations.

We believe, that everybody deserves a perfectly made all natural food & drink for their money and Quality food should not be a luxury for the people.

In the past 365 days we received tremendous amount of positive feedback from our valued customers which immediately confirmed our mission, that people are hungry for quality real food and drinks. All our own artisan baked products - like the famous Kurtosh Cakes (aka Chimney Cakes) - are made from only high quality natural ingredients based on sometimes hundred years old traditional European recipes.

We would like to thank you all for being our happy customers in the past year, and you can be sure, that we will continue our mission in 2014 with brave business expansion plans to be able to reach more and more customers and share with them the Bodri's Experience. We are working hard to make our Bodri's brand equal with the "Quality Traditional Food" definition.

Just because ... "We Bake The Difference!"


International Kurtosh Kalach Trade Corporation - Vice Presidency

As many of you had the chance for now to taste the delicious & famous Hungarian Delicacy the Kurtosh Kalach (a.k.a. Chimney Cake) from Bodri's in Adelaide, you may also wants to know more about the background of this cake.

It's recipe was first found in a Hungarian Cook Book written by Maria Mikes in 1784. At that time the cake's surface was not sweetened by sugar, this new method has been added to the recipe in the 19th century. Thanks to the continuous development in recipe throughout the decades, the Kurtosh Kalach reached its current form and taste in the beginning of the 20th century. It's international popularity started to grow in the 21th century when more and more Kurtosh Kalach bakers started to introduce this miracle to the world. Nowadays you can find Kurtosh Kalach in many countries around the world, like in the EU, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, Cambodia, South Africa, Egypt, Israel, Peru, Mexico, USA, Canada and in Russia. (many other countries are continuously adding on ...)

The Kurtosh Kalach is a Hungaricum. There was no doubt, that this traditional cake is so unique that it needs to be protected. The aim of the best Kurtosh Kalach masters around the world was, to register this delicacy in the EU legally, set up very strict quality requirements for the bakers to keep the quality level consistent everywhere and ban the operation of non compliant "baker's" who tries to cheat on customers with poor quality products.

To reach this goal the "International Kurtosh Kalach Trade Corporation" was formed in October 2013 in Hungary by Kurtosh Kalach Masters, Food Historians and scientist.

Its been a great honor that the members elected me (Csaba Egri the owner of the Bodri's Bakery & Cafe's Chimney Cake Station) as the vice president of the International Kurtosh Kalach Trade Corporation - responsible for International Affairs. Located in Adelaide, South Australia my task will be to look up all the Kurtosh Kalach masters around the world and giving them the necessary support in making the highest quality Kurtosh Kalach. Based on the EU registration procedure outcome I will be also responsible for distributing the "Quality Certified" logo among the Kurtosh Masters who comply with the Trade Corporation's high quality standards.


Kurtosh Kalach is only made from high quality and natural ingredients. There's no exception accepted here! No food additives, preservatives or cheap ingredient replacements will ever be allowed, but we encourage the Masters to develop new versions & formations by keeping the basic rules untouched.

I'm sure all these efforts will highlight the beauty of Kurtosh Kalach around the world and will bring full satisfaction to more and people in enjoying this traditional and fully natural delicacy.

Please be mindful when you choose a dessert for you or for your family as there are many artificial and harmful mass produced junk foods out there which has no taste but plenty of chemicals and sugar content! The Kurtosh Kalach is the best example, that there are many beautiful traditional desserts out there from which you can choose, and these are considered as much healthier option!

/Csaba Egri/

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