About Bodri's

Bodri's Bakery & Cafe is a family owned Partnership which was founded in the mid of 2012 by a young Hungarian couple, Csaba & Monika.

We came from Hungary to South Australia at the end of 2009 with the aim to start a new lifestyle here in Adelaide. While both of us spent many years in the IT industry, but being Hungarians our passion for food came naturally from our veins. When you think about Hungary, probably the first thing which comes to your mind is the excellent food.

There's no doubt here, Europe is the home of the best food and pastries with hundreds of years traditions. We traveled a lot around the globe, and experienced that every country has its own wonderful specialties in food and drinks.
But the best place where all these cultures can meet with open minded demanding customers is Australia. We found that Australia, especially South Australia yet misses the real world famous traditional Hungarian specialties. This was the spark, which ignited our imagination, as we wanted to bring something very special into our new country.

"We Bake the Difference!"


Our first project is called: Chimney Cake Station. This is a mobile food caravan, in which we installed a special micro artisan bakery where the world famous Hungarian Kurtosh Kalach (a.k.a. Chimney Cakes) and other artisan baked delights are baked freshly day by day to our customers.

As we at Bodri's are fully committed to quality in every aspect, we spent a lot of time to design our custom built caravan, to be able to fit all the special tools which are required for baking the Chimney Cake and brewing our wonderful Italian coffees just like in a five start European cafe.

After 2 fantastic & successful years, we decided to step forward and follow our valued customer's request to bring more Hungarian specialties to Australia. In February 2015 we rebranded our food truck to Bodri's Taste Of Hungary™ - Mobile Artisan Bakery & Cafe which better represents the products we offer from then. Beside the very successful Kurtosh Kalach (a.k.a. Chimney Cakes) we introduced our first major savory food called Langallo, which is something like a Hungarian Pizza. Just as the Kurtosh Kalach, this one is also freshly baked onsite in our caravan. With this step, Bodri's can offer a full range of catering for those who looking for one provider for their event.


Street food is a wonderful thing ...

There are times, when you don't want to sit into a cafe or restaurant, but rather like to stroll on the streets, shopping around or simply having fun on the beach with your drinks and sweets and the loved ones. While some of you may have bad experiences in the past with the food quality or food hygienic standards of some vendors, you can be 100% sure, that at Bodri's you will find the highest standards in food quality, food hygiene and last but not least, thanks to the tradicional recipes we are using, ONLY HIGH QUALITY NATURAL INGREDIENTS are used which were sourced from South Australia.

Our Chimney Cakes & Langallo are freshly made from scratch in front of you, without using any chemicals, pre-mixes, improvers or other strange-sounding side-products of the chemical industry which are unfortunately quite common nowadays in bakeries and other fast food outlets.

We are committed to keep the culinary traditions of old times. In our rush life more and more artificial foods are consumed and its very sad that the youngest generation thinks that all food is made from some kind of powder and water, just need to shake it well, put into oven and ready to eat ... We should be responsible for our health and should not let it happen!
It is our responsibility to show these traditional delicacies to our children who may think that the artificial junk foods are the only options for lunch and dinner.

The ancient recipe of the Chimney Cake - what is carefully followed by Bodri's - contains only pure natural ingredients. This will guarantee the wonderful smell and flavor which will immediately grab your senses as soon as you get close to Bodri's Chimney Cake Station.


Our Coffee

We were doing our best to make you sure, at Bodri's you will always find the best of the best from each of our products . Back to Europe again, we spent most of our time in Italy enjoying it's beautiful country's foods & drinks. Well, we think no one will argue with us, Italy is the home of the best coffees in the world. If you ever visited Italy you may realized, that you have almost zero chance to get a bad coffee there, while you have bigger chance anywhere else on the world. Italy reached the perfection in blending and roasting of the carefully selected raw coffees, and they invented the technology how to pull the best espresso shot from the grind.

We choosed the small Italian Lucaffé brand as our coffee supplier, as we found they produce excellent quality coffee, a wide selection of the roasts for the espresso lovers, and they use the newest technology in coffee making offering ESE Pods for commercial use. /You can read more about this on our Lucaffé page. /

Just a quick note: Based on our customers and our own opinion, Lucaffé offering the best tasting hot chocolate drink on the world! Come and try it!


Our Teas

Coffee is a pleasant ancient drink, it is always enjoyable even if it served in a paper cup on the street, or in a beautiful cup in a fancy cafe.
So does the Tea. We decided to look for another quality hot drink to charm our customers.

Tea is very similar to coffee in terms of quality differences. You can find average quality - lets say - everyday tea in supermarkets, which can be pleasant to drink, but if you decide to really enjoy your drink you should try a tea selection from the professionals. We found an Australian company called Teadrop, who has very nice quality tea blends packed in appealing pyramid bags. While these tea not only taste great, it also gives a luxury feeling to prepare them!

 We hope, that now you became curious about the Bodri's "Taste Of Hungary™ - Mobile Artisan Bakery & Cafe" and the products you can find there, so please go to the "Where to find us?" page and check out the current position of our food caravan.

With a high chance, on most of the weekdays you will find us on the streets of Adelaide (seasonal), and we will participate on many huge events/fairs and markets on weekends or public holidays to be able to serve the broader audience. Don't forget, that you can invite us to any of your event or function, so please contact us to discuss your quality catering needs!
Looking forward to serve you with our wonderful Hungarian delicacies,


Csaba & Monika
"The Bodri's"


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