Bodri's Taste Of Hungary™ Food Truck


Being perfectionist makes life more difficult, but more enjoyable too once you can reach satisfaction in your work, or pesonal life.
When we decided to start a food business here in Australia there were not any moment when we though any ordinary solution would be good as a start. Our aim was simple: To make something unique here in Australia in a perfect way. Being Hungarians, finding a unique food for Australia was not a big headache for us. We had a wide selection of wonderful foods in our mind, but first we wanted to introduce the world famous Kurtosh Kalach to South Australia - baked traditionally as the most famous Hungarian street food.

Our first mobile food caravan was called "Chimney Cake Station" and reached a huge success between Nov 2012 and Jan 2015 in Adelaide. Having a fantastic reputation we thought its time to step forward and introduce another famous Hungarian savory street food called: Langallo. As we will continuously widen our product range, and plan to bring new Hungarian specialties we renamed and reworked our food caravan to better represent our wide range of offerings!

Our new food truck is called: Bodri's Taste Of Hungary™ -  The Mobile Artisan Bakery & Cafe.

We designed our caravan to be able to serve us in long term offering the highest food hygenic standards for your safery and satisfaction. We also wanted to make it nice, therefore we hired a very talented award winning graphic designer to make our outlook really appealing.

We hope you are satisfied with the result!



We believe, being successful in any business requires the highest level of Customer Care. WE ARE for the customers, and we would like to keep it like this.

In the food business, its very easy to ruin down the enjoyment of the tasteful foods by neglectful food preparation, poor hygenic standards or with the missing aim towards quality work. Those who has no experience in food or coffee preparation could be suprised, how a tiny missing detail could turn a nice coffee into a terrible brownish liquid.

At Bodri's we want to keep these standards up in the sky. Why? Because we want to enjoy our work and want to stay and grow on the market together with more and more happy customers. Easy, isn't it?

We will work hard to make you a satisfied Bodri's customer, and we're looking forward to serve you time to time with all your favourites!

Please don't hesitate to share all your experiences, and thoughts with us on our facebook or contact page!
We do need feeback to be able to further improve ourselves, since we want to be your favourite bakery & café!



In the good old times, these words had a very close connection. Food came from nature without any doubt. Nowadays, unfortunately the trend has changed. There are way too many artificial ingredients and finalised products that has nothing to do with the mother nature. Today we accept if an icecream costs three times more than another, just because it says, it was produced from real milk... Well, few years before we didn't know that icecream can be made without real milk.

There are plenty of harmful substances everywhere from what we can hardly protect our body. Air and water pollutions are the worst, since everybody needs to breath and drink water.

At Bodri's we follow the old traditions. In our artisan bakery and café we only use natural ingredients, and for the coffee brewing we use a state-of-the-art water filter system which delivers one of the purest available water to our coffees. This is what we can add to your healthier street food experience, the rest is on you, to check out what do you eat and from what source you buy it.

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