Kurtosh Kalach

Kurtosh Kalach (a.k.a. Chimney Cake) is one of the finest if not the finest cake which is sold as a street food on the world. Its the most famous Traditional Hungarian Cake which was first prepared 300 years ago! It requires special tools and lots of experience to make it perfectly, therefore the only option for you to source this delicacy is to go out and look for a real specialist.

Bodri's Bakery & Cafe is the baker of Kurtosh Cake in South Australia, and you can be sure we won't disappoint you with this delicacy. It is perfect as a dessert after lunch, take some with you for a picnic with your family, or it is a must have on markets and fairs, as you can easily eat it while you are walking or browsing. Kurtosh Cake is the favourite sweet of the family, from the youngest to the eldest. And what should be most important to you and your children, that this cake is only made from high quality natural ingredients, so you won't poison your body with factory made food additives and any other chemicals which are unfortunately quite common nowadays in the baked products!

Kurtosh Kalach not only tastes and smells great, it is also interesting to watch how it is made. You can experience it if you visit our mobile "Chimney Cake Station".

The ribbon like yeast-raised dough is wound around a special wooden cylinder, covered with sugar, and baked in a rotisserie oven carefully caramelising the sugar, making a very thin crispy cover, while the interior remains very soft. Right after it is ready, the melted caramel gets some spicy cover, usually walnut, coconut, cinnamon or cocoa. This makes a perfect taste harmony from inside to the outside.


Best before

This is true to most of the baked pastries, the best to consume them when they are just out of oven and warm. We pack the Chimney Cakes into a cellophane bag, which helps to keep their freshness for longer time, but suggest to eat it in 3-5 hours after it was baked.
You can even consume it a day later, if you want you can put it into a microwave oven for 20 sec or so to warm it up, and it will be a great companion for your coffee, tea or an ice cream.
This cake is considered as a safe food, you don't need to keep it refrigerated, just keep it in its cellophane bag to avoid from drying out.


The Flavours


Currently we are offering 5+3 different flavours:

- Plain Caramel (no additional spices added) - TRADITIONAL
- Walnut (the caramel cover is dusted with shredded Walnut or Pecan nut) - TRADITIONAL
- Coconut (Shredded Coconut)
- Cinnamon (we add Cinnamon and sugar mix to the cover)
- Cocoa (a sweet-bitter pure cocoa powder makes a perfect taste orgy on this cake)

Bodri's introduced its own "Limited Edition" Chimney Cakes with freeze dried fruits which are only available from us.

- Raspberry
- Sour-Cherry
- Banana

We only bake these ones for your order, so please calculate with a 10 minutes waiting time for your Limited Edition hot Kurtosh Cakes.




We make the Kurtosh Cake freshly from scratch onsite, without using any chemicals, improvers or other non-food ingredients.

Please remember, that the Bodri's logo is a guarantee for the artisan baked fully natural products!

This is an ancient recipe, and in the good old times all food was made from natural ingredients, and nothing else. We will keep it like this. You can be also 100% sure, that we at Bodri's will never change the original expensive ingredients to cheap ones just to save on cost. Our bonus is your full satisfaction with our unique products!

While some people may have allergies to some natural ingredients please find our ingredients table below for your convenience.

Dough ingredients:
Baker's Flour, Yeast, Sugar, Butter, Milk, Egg Yolk, salt, lemon peel, sunflower oil

Flavor ingredients (depending on your choice):
Sugar, walnut, coconut, cinnamon, cocoa, Raspberry, Sour Cherry and Banana. etc.



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