Lucaffé - Finest Italian Coffee


We are doing our best to bring you the finest products from Europe, and our coffee is not an exception.
We import a wide product range from Lucaffé to fully satisfy our most demanding customers!


 Bodri's Lucaffé coffee blend selection



Smooth and sweet, the classic Italian espresso

This quality is recommended for people who love espresso for its best features: it is a blend of excellent Arabica coffees with a tiny addition of top quality Robustas.
Mild flavour, smooth and generous body, with medium dense crema, excellent aroma. After drinking it, besides feeling better you will have the satisfaction of having drunk a top quality coffee.

80% Arabica
20% Robusta


We use it for our milky coffees!



Arabica mixture with an intoxicating aroma

Mixture of Arabica coffee from South America, Asia and a tiny percentage from central Africa. Probably no Arabica on its own can give the same results.
Medium body, sweet flavour, very pleasing aroma which sometimes can recall newly-baked bread. When it has just been ground the scent is intoxicating.

100% Arabica from South America, Asia and central Africa


We use it for our espresso & macchiato coffees!


Organic, from a single producer

Coffee of Arabica quality, which is produced mostly by organic cultivation.
Its characteristics come from an intense aroma with a mild body and medium acidity.

This is our Certififed Organic coffee for those who are looking for certified products.


You can upgrade your coffee on request to get it with this blend. Please check our pricelist!


Without caffeine but with a great aroma

A truly original mix of Arabic coffees. Decaffeinated by an absolutely natural process. A true coffee without the undesired effects of caffeine.
Excellent taste, with a genuinely exceptional aroma.

100% Arabica
0.1 % caffeine


You can upgrade your coffee on request to get it with this blend. Please check our pricelist!



Definitely the World's finest Italian hot chocolate! Our famous hot chocolate is available in different versions and sizes.

  • Hot Chocolate
    available in 8oz (regular) or 12oz (large) size
    available in 3 different consistency: Thick, Thin or Medium

    Special upgrade on request: Chili


  • Iced Chocolate
    available in 420ml size (with or without ice)
    seasonal product, usually only available on warmer days!

For the perfect coffee experience a good quality milk is just as important as the good coffee. As a base concept, we only use fully natural real milk, which doesn't contain any additives or permeate.
In most of the cases we use the famous South Australian B.-d.Farm Paris Creek Organic fresh milk which we found to be great for our premium quality coffees.

However, being a mobile business, it creates some technical issues cooling effectively the fresh dairy products especially on hot days.
As we are very strict in following the food safety regulations, on hot days we will use Devondale's UHT milk, which is also fully natural and permeate free and gives you and us the neccessary safety and great taste too!

To give you the five star café experience at Bodri's, we always keep on stock 4 different kind of milks:

  • Full Cream - for the best taste
  • Fat Reduced - for those who prefer skim milk
  • Lactose Free - for people with lactose intolerance but wants to enjoy the fine taste of the real milk
  • Soy Milk - For soy milk lovers.


Paul's Fresh Milk Product Line
Devondale's UHT Milk Range



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