Langallo is one of the most well known Hungarian street food nowadays. Its also known as the Hungarian Pizza, which tells the similarities with its Italian brother.

Bodri's Bakery & Cafe is the first company baking Langallo here in Australia and we doing our best to provide you the world's finest ones just like we did with our Kurtosh Kalach.

Langallo is an oven baked bread dough,  thicker than the traditional pizza dough, which has a spiced sour-cream based toppings, coming with the finest Hungarian style toppings like Csabai sausage, onions, smoked cheese, cottage cheese, bacon etc. We only source our ingredients from authentic Hungarian/European sources where available to be able to give you exactly the same taste and gourmet experience if you were just in Hungary. (without the hefty flight ticket price tags. :-)

Best before

Just as with the pizzas, Langallo is freshly baked and consumed right onsite in max. 1-2 hours after it was baked. This gives you the best experience, however you may take it home and reheat it in an oven if you want to enjoy it later. Same food safety regulations apply, keep it in the fridge below 5C maximum for a day, and reheat it in a preheated oven.


The Toppings

At the beginning we are offering 2 major toppings, one is with the Csabai Sausage the other is with Smoked Cheese. The last one is suitable for vegetarians, but not for vegans. (sorry.)

- Csabai Sausage: Sour Cream, spices, Csabai Sausage, Red Onions, Cheese
- Smoked Cheese: Sour Cream, spices, Smoked Cheese

Time to time we are planning to offer some new flavors, and the most popular ones will stay regulars as well. Your feedback is highly appreciated!


We make the Langallo freshly from scratch onsite, without using any chemicals, improvers or other non-food ingredients.

Please remember, that the Bodri's® logo is a guarantee for artisan baked and fully natural products!

This is an ancient recipe, and as in the good old times all food was made from natural ingredients, and nothing else, we will keep it like this.
You can be also 100% sure, that we at Bodri's will never change the original expensive ingredients to cheap ones just to save on cost. Our bonus is your full satisfaction with our unique products!

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